Detroit Speed at Turkey Rod Run 2014 in Daytona

Come spend your Thanksgiving with Detroit Speed and the 41st annual Turkey Rod Run in Daytona November 27 – 30th.  Come out and see the Swap Meet, all the cars for sale in the Car Corral, and get your tickets for this years Raffle Car – a 1970 Mustang.   Look for us at the DSE hauler and get a close up look at the 1970 DSE Camaro Test Car.

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The 2014 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational

It’s here! The Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational from Las Vegas Motor Speedway will air on MAVTV Friday 8PM ET/PT, Saturday 2AM ET, Saturday 8PM ET, Sunday 5AM ET and Sunday 8:30PM ET. Don’t miss the final Ultimate Street Car Association event of the year! ‪ #‎BFGoodrich ‪#‎becausestreetcar ‪#‎driveUSCA #bfgoodrichtires #OUSCI

SEMA Press Release – Kyle Tucker named winner “Battle of the Builders”

Read the official Press Release from SEMA on Kyle Tucker’s “Battle of the Builders” win with Angelo Vespi’s 1969 Camaro.

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Allen Linard

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Allen Linard

1. Name and Occupation?
Allen Linard – National Sales Manager
2. How many years at Detroit Speed?
5 years
3. Hometown and State?
Uhrichsville, OH
4. Favorite Detroit Speed Test Car and why?
The DSE Chevy II, it’s not your typical muscle car.
5. What do you like best about your job?
Being able to help customers build their dream cars.
6. What’s your dream car/truck?
A Dark Blue 1949 – 1958 Chevy Truck
7. Favorite interest/hobby when not at work?allen-linard-spotlight
Tennis & Fishing
8. Favorite movie/movies?
Die Hard series…
9. Pet Peeve?
Being late.
10. Favorite quote/best advice to give?
This too shall pass.


Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Fred Seeley

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Fred Seeley

1. Name and Occupation?
Fred Seeley – Shipping Associate
2. How many years at Detroit Speed?
3. Hometown and State?
Worcester, NY
4. Favorite Detroit Speed Test Car and why?
1965 Chevelle – My first car was a 1965 Buick Gran Sport.
5. What do you like best about your job?
I’ve always wanted to work in a parts department and I really enjoy what I do.
6. What’s your dream car/truck?
A Red Ford GT40.
7. Favorite interest/hobby when not at work?
Spending time with my family.
8. Favorite movie/movies?
Anything with Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood or Zooey Deschanel.
9. Pet Peeve?
People standing outside of polling places handing out flyers and people not doing what they say they are going to do.
10. Favorite quote/best advice to give?
It is what it is…fred-seeley-spotlight

100 Cars Compete in the Largest Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational Ever

Mooresville, NC - The 2014 @OUSCI was a bit different in many ways than years past. First off, the event took place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and secondly, the event was turned into a 2-day event. The two days turned out to be just what the doctor ordered as there were over 100 cars competing in the event.

@DetroitSpeedInc brought out the DSE 1970 #Camaro Test Car driven by Kyle Tucker and the DSE 2012 “White Monster” Camaro Test Car driven by Ryan Mathews. The two cars were stationed at Optima Alley during the @SEMAshow preparing for the event that took place the two days after SEMA.

There was a large contingent of DSE “Equipped” cars at this year’s event. Everything from modern muscle to old 1960′s original muscle were on hand ready to put the Detroit Speed suspension to the test during two grueling days of cone carving and high speed road course action.

The Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational is a points based competition that is looking for the top street car in the country. The competition consists of the Detroit Speed sponsored “Road Rally,” the speed-stop challenge, the autocross, the design and engineering challenge as well as the @BFGoodrichTires Hot Lap Challenge.

Saturday was the first day of the competition and started out with the autocross and speed-stop challenge. The competition was fierce and non-stop as competitor after competitor staged and prepared to lay it all on the line to be named the ultimate street car. Following a full day of action, the Detroit Speed Road Rally kicked off and cruised to Shelby American, Inc.

Sunday was the BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge. The challenge was broken into 3 classes of competition, the novice, the advanced and finally the expert class. Each class was chalk full of DSE “Equipped” cars. It was a thrill to look up and down the staging area and see the DSE “Equipped” decal on so many amazing street machines. Ryan and Kyle ran hard in this event with Ryan finishing in 2nd place. Ryan and Bryan Johnson had their usual battle of 5th gens. It is great to see two DSE “Equipped” cars running up front in 2nd and 3rd place. The competitiveness between these two gentlemen is undeniable. The respect they have for one another is truly admirable and it shows out on the track as they battle neck and neck at virtually every event.

This has been by far the best OUSCI yet and we look forward to competing in the years to come. Congratulations to Danny Popp for his overall victory, Brandon Ranvek for his 2nd place finish and to Betim Berisha for finishing 3rd. We would also like to congratulate Bryan Johnson on capturing Detroit Speed’s “Fastest Fifth Gen” award and for finishing in 4th place. DSE’s own Ryan Mathews captured 5th place while Mark Stielow captured the Detroit Speed “Fastest American Iron Pre-1980″ award in his amazing DSE Equipped Hellfire Camaro. Mark’s Hellfire is an amazing build that he isn’t afraid to get dirty. That’s our kind of builder and vehicle, performance driven and track proven.

OUSCI 2014 Highlights
• This was the largest OUSCI ever with over 100 cars competing in the new 2-day format

• Bryan Johnson finished 4th overall and captured the Detroit Speed “Fastest Fifth Gen” Award in his DSE Equipped 2013 Camaro

• Mark Stielow won the Detroit Speed “Fastest American Iron Pre-1980″ award in his DSE Equipped Hellfire 1969 Camaro

• Ryan Mathews finished 2nd in the BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge and 5th overall in the DSE 2012 “White Monster” Camaro Test Car

• Congratulations to Jakey Sampson for putting down two great road course times for being only her second time on  a road course

DSE “Equipped” Competitors at the 2014 OUSCI

Ryan Mathews – DSE 2012 “White Monster” Camaro Test Car
Kyle Tucker – DSE 1970 Camaro Test Car

Bryan Johnson – 2013 Camaro
Billy Utley – 1972 Nova
Mark Stielow – 1969 Camaro
Jake Rozelle – 1969 Camaro
Jordan Priestley – 2011 Camaro
Bob Bertelsen – 1969 C10
Cheryl Herrick – 1967 Nova
Sam Farrington – 1966 Chevelle
Brandy Phillips – 1972 C10
Deb Farrington – 1964 Chevelle
Tim Strange – 1969 Camaro
Dave Tucci – 1970 Mustang
Jakey Sampson – 2010 Camaro


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