Detroit Speed heading to Road America August 29-30

OPTIMA’s “Search for the Ultimate Street Car” Road America August 29-30. Watch Kyle Tucker, Stacy Tucker, Ryan Mathews and the Detroit Speed Test Cars take on the famed Road America track at Elkhart Lake WI We hope to see everyone out there.  ‪#‎driveUSCA ‪#‎becausestreetcarinstagramUSCA-road-america

Congratulations to Bryan Johnson and Brian Finch

Congratulations are in order for Bryan Johnson and  Brian Finch. This past weekend Bryan and Brian swept their individual class events at Orange Cone Racing’s Ohio Musclecar Challenge. Bryan was named Grand Champion in his DSE “Equipped” 2013 ‪#‎Camaro while Brian Finch was Grand Champion in the early model class in his DSE “Equipped” 1971 #Camaro. Way to go guys!

bryan johnson-1 bryan johnson-3

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Keith Goslin

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Keith Goslin

1. Name and Occupation?
Keith Goslin – Sales/Technical Associate

  1. How many years at Detroit Speed?
  2. Hometown and State?
    Trenton, NJ
  3. Favorite Detroit Speed Test Car and why?
    The 1966 #Mustang because how raw it is. It’s like a pure racecar on the street.
    5. What do you like best about your job?
    Helping my customers envision their dream car.
  4. What’s your dream car/truck?
    1970 #Challenger RT Hemi all black.
  5. Favorite interest/hobby when not at work?
    Working on my car and spending time with my son.
  6. Favorite movie/movies?
    Full Metal Jacket, Grand Prix, Two Lane Blacktop & Battle of Britain.
  7. Pet Peeve?
    People not doing what they say they are going to do.
  8. Favorite quote/best advice to give?
    “Surrounded? Hell, I got’em right where I want’em” – Col. Chesty Pullerkeith-goslin-spotlight

1967-1969 F-Body – Detroit Speed Core Support Closeout Panel

The Detroit Speed core support closeout panel 1967-1969 F-Body is an excellent way to beautify the underhood of your #Camaro. This stamped aluminum closeout covers the unsightly core support, hood latch, and horns that can usually be seen when you open the hood of your car. It bolts directly onto your car and can be used with the #DSE Fender Brace Kit. You can use the core support closeout in bare aluminum or paint it to match your car.  P/N: 011502  See the NEW DESIGN here

Where are all of our 3rd Gen F-Body fans at?

Detroit Speed just released our new LS Engine Mount Kit for your 1982-1992 F-Body. The kit will provide you with an easy, no hassle installation of any LS engine into your 1982-92 F-Body application. This kit includes powder coated frame side engine mount stands, CNC aluminum adapter plates, polyurethane engine mounts and all necessary hardware. This kit will also move the LS engine location rearward approximately 3/8” from the stock Small Block Chevy engine location.

Find out more here.


Jeremy Fletcher picking up his Detroit Speed built 1969 Camaro

Jeremy Fletcher was in to pick up his 1969 ‪#‎Camaro and took it for a test drive…we’re pretty sure he was pleased.  #DetroitSpeedProject


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