1969 Dodge Charger – World’s Coolest Charger

Detroit Speed Built 1969 Dodge #Charger – World’s Coolest Charger.  Read @HotRod’s article here


Fred Seeley Jr at Detroit Speed for Five Years

Congratulations to Detroit Speed Shipping Associate, Fred Seeley Jr. on five years of service. Thanks for everything you do Fred, here’s to many more! #detroitspeedfred seeley detroit speed

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Mark McDonald

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Mark McDonald

1. Name and Occupation?
Mark McDonald – Project Fabricator

  1. How many years at Detroit Speed?
  2. Hometown and State?
    Gainesville, GA
  3. Favorite Detroit Speed Test Car and why?
    The DSE 1965 Mustang (Kyle didn’t get mad at me when I broke the transmission) & the 2012 because it was a blast building with all the guys here.
  4. What do you like best about your job?
    The customers and being able to express our creativity.
  5. What’s your dream car/truck?
    A 1993 Red Mustang Cobra with a 408 Windsor and a straight cut TKO.
  6. Favorite interest/hobby when not at work?
    Racing mini outlaw carts with my two sons.
  7. Favorite movie/movies?
    Bullitt & Step-Brothers.
  8. Pet Peeve?
    People that stop in the middle of intersections at a red light.
  9. Favorite quote/best advice to give?
    “There are no new ideas, only different ways to do things.– My DadMarkMcDonald-spotlight

The Detroit Speed Tour for 2015

The Detroit Speed Tour for 2015 has just been released. See the full schedule here http://www.detroitspeed.com/speed-tour.html   It kicks off with @Goodguys Spring Nationals in Scottsdale March 13th.  We are looking forward to the addition of a few more events this year and hope to see you at a show near you!


Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Blake Tomlinson

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight – Blake Tomlinson

1. Name and Occupation?
Blake Tomlinson – Project Fabricator
2. How many years at Detroit Speed?
3. Hometown and State?
Roanoke, VA
4. Favorite Detroit Speed Test Car and why?
I also like the “Super Secret” Test Car, you’ll all see it soon!

5. What do you like best about your job?
I like to build cool stuff that is functional.
6. What’s your dream car/truck?
A chopped bare metal full fendered 1934 Ford 3 window.
7. Favorite interest/hobby when not at work?
Building reproduction parts for WW II airplanes.
8. Favorite movie/movies?
California Kid, Worlds Fastest Indian & Kelly’s Heroes.
9. Pet Peeve?
People with Pet Peeves.
10. Favorite quote/best advice to give?
Craftsmen don’t always get it right the first time, but they always do the last time. – Blake Tomlinson.blake-tomlinson-spotlight

Detroit Speed Speed Kits for 1964-72 A-Body

Detroit Speed Speed kits are designed to make your 1964-1972 #A-Body maintain optimum geometry and tire contact through the full range of rear suspension travel. Through the use of our patented Swivel Links™, the rear end housing becomes fully articulated, without the use of noisy spherical heim joints. The DSE tubular rear Anti-Roll bar attaches to the chassis for a substantial improvement in cornering ability. Our rear Speed Kit springs, shock absorbers and sway bars are designed to complement the front DSE Speed Kits, giving your classic contemporary handling and ride quality on par with the latest modern muscle cars.

See more details here http://goo.gl/Emwdkufacebook-a-body


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