Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight

Detroit Speed Employee Spotlight

  1. Name and Occupation?
    Sean Farrell – Machinist
  2. How many years at Detroit Speed?
    6 Months
  3. Hometown and State?
    Estell Manor, NJ
  4. Favorite Detroit Speed Test Car and why?
    The DSE 1965 Chevelle – My dad was a big Chevelle fan
  5. What do you like best about your job?
    Taking raw material and making functional parts out of it.
  6. What’s your dream car/truck?
    1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertible – blue
  7. Favorite interest/hobby when not at work?
    Spending time with my family.
  8. Favorite movie/movies?
    The Quiet Man
  9. Pet Peeve?
    Bad Drivers
  10. Favorite quote/best advice to give?
    If we weren’t all crazy we’d all be insane – Jimmy Buffett
  11. sean-farrell

About Detroit Speed

Thank you for your interest in Detroit Speed, Inc. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know more about the capabilities of our company. We are excited about the prospect of helping you transform your project into a state-of-the-art car for the 21st century. Detroit Speed was founded to provide automotive components and systems which deliver late model vehicle ride and handling expected from a world class OEM vehicle. Detroit Speed has developed our own line of products that have been through extensive engineering analysis, testing, and development to assure our customers receive the highest quality performance parts with eye appeal. Each and every part we design is unique and meets only the highest DSE standards for fit, finish, and function. In addition, we distribute high quality products from other recognized companies in the automotive aftermarket that we have tested, meet our high standards, and have been successfully used in our own projects. We also have a complete fabrication facility to transform your vehicle into the ride of your dreams. Whether it is a turn-key project, rolling chassis, or custom fabrication project, we can handle it all. You will receive the highest quality work and attention to detail from our expert fabricators. We are confident we will exceed your expectations. The staff at Detroit Speed, Inc. is comprised of experienced automotive engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts whose love of cars is evident in the attention to detail in every project and every part. We have a staff of mechanical engineers that are involved with product development, analysis, and vehicle projects. Their expert background means that not only will your parts and projects look good, but they will function properly for many years to come. You can be sure you are getting only the best from Detroit Speed, Inc. Detroit Speed has accumulated a list of references including the highly acclaimed Twister Camaro. If you want to make a strong statement in the industry, we would like to talk with you in more detail about participating in your next project

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