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Detroit Speed, Inc. – Tech Series Vol. 5 – RS Headlight Kit

Detroit Speed, Inc. – Tech Series Vol. 5 – RS Headlight Kit

Product Foreman Jay Leser breaks down the RS Headlight kit to show you how easy it is to switch from a stock vacuum controlled headlight kit to Detroit Speed’s electronic kit.


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DSE Tech – Vol 3 – A-Body Suspension – Part 2

View the Detroit Speed Tech Video:  Volume 3 A Body Suspension Part 2

DSE Tech Video – Vol 3 – A-Body Suspension – Part 1

DSE Tech Video – Vol 3 – A-Body Suspension – Part 1

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DSE Tech Video Vol – 2. Proper Way to Measure Backspacing

DSE Tech Video Vol -2. Dan Oddy talks about the proper way to measure Backspacing and how Detroit Speed sets up their cars to achieve their desired look.

DSE tech Video Vol – 1. Camber and Caster

DSE tech Video Vol – 1. Camber and Caster. Detroit Speed engineer Ryan Mathews discusses camber and caster and how Detroit Speed’s unique geometry works with their front suspension.

Should I use 2” drop spindles with DSE Suspension?

 If I have the DSE suspension, (front, rear, quadra-link, mini tubs, roll cage etc) Is it better or worse performance if I use 2″ drop spindles along with the DSE 2″ drop springs for a 4″ dropped front end? I assume this will affect front tire size as well?
 When using the DSE 2” drop coil springs in the front on your stock Camaro subframe, we would not recommend using a 2” drop spindle as well. That would set the front end too low and would be impossible to fit a nice tire and wheel combination as well as increase your bump steer. We do recommend that you use a stock spindle for your Camaro as that is what was used when designing the Detroit Speed tubular upper control arms and lower control arms.
 Check out DSE’s hydroformed subframe that can be used on your 67-81 Chevy Camaro.
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